Vadym Rabinovich: June 22 – is a Day of grief and Hope that we will finally eradicate fascism!

Вадим Рабинович: 22 июня - это и День скорби, и День Надежды на то, что мы окончательно искореним фашизм!

For every normal person the date of June 22 is important because it is the first day of the war. From that day in Ukraine came many troubles, from that day began the countdown of millions of deaths. This was stated by MP of Ukraine, co-Chairman of political party “Opposition platform For life” Vadym Rabinovich on air of the program “Prime” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Today, however, so consider not everything, as evidenced by “picture” of the number of television channels which have ignored the day of memory of victims of the great Patriotic war.

In particular, the co-Chairman of party “Oppositional platform For life” commented the Prime Minister Denis Smugala on the anniversary of the German attack. “Today I listened to the speech of our Prime Minister – this monster, which is a three-page program of the government within three months can not imagine – and once again realized that his mockery of the Victory Day – is a litmus test,” – said the politician.

According to Vadim Rabinovich, he “noticed that all the ghouls don’t like may 9, and all that is connected with it”.

“It is impossible to imagine a normal person who mocks the memory of victims of the great Patriotic war. And if we want to make Ukraine a strong, we must rely on our real historic victory, not on those who got out of “caches” and slaughtered civilians! We should be proud of the fact that Ukraine is among the countries-winners, and her contribution is appreciated in the creation of the UN, giving the USSR the status of the original member of this organization, despite the fact that Ukraine was then part of the USSR. Ukrainians are the second largest number of Heroes of the Soviet Union, and it had great power! And the fact that the authorities are trying to make heroes of those who hid on the “caches” – to put it mildly, the historical incident” – outraged the MP.

Co-Chairman of party “Oppositional platform For life” told that several times already talked with the current Prime Minister Denis Megalam and have already made their impressions on it.

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“He’s still at the first meeting couldn’t answer any of our question and “prominent eyes” looked at the representative Office of the President, he suggested the answers. The last time members of our party asked him: how are we going to celebrate Victory Day at the state level? Smegal we were told that this holiday does not know and since then our relationship with him is over!” – reminded Vadim Rabinovich.

The politician called the worst thing is that one of the most important posts in the country is a “misunderstanding”.

“However, I want to say that Smigel is not just the Prime Minister and the head of government under the President Zelensky! And it’s amazing what a hater of victory in the great Patriotic war became the head of the Cabinet in Zelensky! I don’t know what qualities it possesses, what criteria he was appointed… Already put Goncharuk, then admitted that he was absolute misery! Now Goncharuk criticizes Smagala and called him a “marosenka”. And it Goncharuk!” – drew attention the MP, expressing confidence that “we are in the abyss “under the green banner”, enticing us with all sorts of rattles, like a flock…”

Asked the co-Chairman of party “Oppositional platform For life” and “the current fascists”.

“Any June 22 ends may 9! I say this to those people who today don’t revere the memory of the heroes of the great Patriotic war, who think that they defeated the fascist. In 1941, the Germans also thought that they’ve already won. But both then and now – wrong. For me personally, June 22 – on the one hand, a day of mourning, and a day of hope that we will soon eradicate fascism and finally. I sincerely believe that, as in the fact that Ukrainians, at last, open your eyes!..”, – summed up Vadym Rabinovich.

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