Vakarchuk said that he would include volunteers in the party list “the Voice”

Вакарчук заявил, что включит волонтеров в список партии "Голос"

May 30, musician, the leader of the party “Voice” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk said in Facebook that in the party list, with which the force will go to elections to the Verkhovna Rada that will include volunteers.

“After browsing the profiles of our volunteers and individual interviews, we realized that there are not just assistants. There are people who are the real changes. That is why the party of “the Voice” took the unprecedented for the Ukrainian policy decision. We offer our volunteers participate in our electoral list, which we will go to elections,” – said Vakarchuk.

He noted that the party has already selected over 50 “interesting and worthy candidates”.

“We are confident that among them are many leaders who are willing to fight on our behalf on majority districts”, – said Vakarchuk.

16 may Vakarchuk presented his party’s “Voice.” The musician announced that it will participate in the next elections to the Verkhovna Rada. On 21 may, the Ministry of justice of Ukraine registered the party “the Voice.”

On 21 may President Vladimir Zelensky announced the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada of the VIII convocation and calling early parliamentary elections for July 21. According to the head of the state, the legal basis for the dissolution of the current composition of Parliament is the lack of 2016 coalition.

Zelensky decree on early termination of powers of the Verkhovna Rada and calling early elections on 21 July 2019 23 may published in the governmental newspaper “Uriadovyi Kurier”. From the 24th of may in Ukraine is automatically started on the electoral process, said the CEC.

According to a survey by the sociological group “Rating” conducted from 16 th to may 21, for the party “the Voice” is ready to vote and 4.6% of those who were defined with the candidates and intends to go to the polls. According to a study by the Centre “Social monitoring” and the Ukrainian Institute of social studies named after Yaremenko, for the party Vakarchuk are set to vote 3% of the respondents are undecided.