Valentyn Nalyvaichenko stands for the immediate review of all agreements with Russia – 24 Channel

Валентин Наливайченко виступає за негайний перегляд усіх угод з Росією - 24 Канал

Ukraine should immediately conduct an inventory of all of the legal framework with Russia, carefully analyze it and write what you need to protect our citizens.

This was stated by the leader of the Movement “Justice” Valentyn Nalyvaichenko on air of the program “Good morning country” at UA:First.

He noted that today still remain valid even 314 of agreements between Ukraine and Russia.

The authorities had for a long time to make an inventory of these agreements, to perform them and leave those who defend political prisoners, hostages of our citizens,
– said the diplomat.

While Valentyn Nalyvaychenko warned against mindless denunciation of any and all agreements with Russia, as it may harm Ukrainian citizens who are in the territory of the aggressor country. Among these agreements, he, in particular, called the Consular Convention between Ukraine and the Russian Federation of 1993.

“It should stay because we need it. Who attends the arrested Ukrainians in Russia, including the captured sailors? Ukrainian consuls. I know how difficult this work is, he directed the consular service. And our consuls, who are now in Moscow, in Lefortovo, break to our citizens and provide legal assistance. Who else can do this?” – said the leader of the Movement “Justice”, adding that consular law, even a state of war does not mean the rupture of consular relations.

Nalyvaichenko stressed that the issue of the legal base of Russia, Ukraine should act solely in terms of protecting the rights and interests of citizens.

Everything you need for the citizens of Ukraine, we need to keep. Everything else I will not hesitate to break
– he concluded.

Nalyvaychenko said that in 2014, the SBU under his leadership, unilaterally tore up all the agreements and contacts with the Russian special services.

“We are not waiting for a convenient time, and took and strongly did it,” he said. Nalyvaichenko added that at the same time insisted on the denunciation of the Treaty of friendship, cooperation and partnership with Russia.

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