Valery believes that the accident of the son to blame the Russian roads

Валерия считает, что в аварии сына виноваты российские дороги

The singer complained of extreme Russian roads after three accidents involving her son.

Singer Valeria in the TV show “You’re not gonna believe this!” complained on the extreme Russian roads after three accidents with the participation of the son. The recording of the program published on the website of the TV channel NTV.

The actress told that the 21-year-old Arseny Shulgin had an accident near St. Petersburg. The star expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the toll route, in which he was riding was not powdered reagents. Due to the cold snap on the track formed an icy crust. “Of course, immediately went to GAI, tests to take. But they were completely sober. They do all zainichi. There’s even something to look for – it’s ridiculous,” said Valeria.

The singer explained that his son was not wearing a seatbelt, so during a crash and hit his head and broke his lip. His girlfriend was diagnosed with a double fracture of the hand.

Just last week Arseniy Shulgin three times, got into an accident. When the young man came back from the hospital after the accident near St. Petersburg, the car in which he was riding crashed into a bus. December 15, he posted a video with the site of another accident, signing a movie with the words: “Guys, you might think that it was funny. But this is not a joke. This is the third accident. Some kind of tin”.

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