Valve announced Dota game Underlords: what is known about it

Valve представила игру Dota Underlords: что о ней известно

Studio Valve announced a new game called Dota Underlords. Note, this is independent of “chess” project, which is based on the popular modification Dota Auto Chess from Chinese developers Drodo Studio.

Testing Dota Underlords. The official blog of Dota 2 it is reported that from the evening of June 13 the new project is available to all owners of fighting pass Dota 2 in the previous stress test.

For the past few weeks Valve tested Dota Underlords in a limited circle of users. And after a week will move into a stage of open beta testing.

Features of the stress test Dota Underlords. The participants of the stress test will be able to compete against seven other players to hone their skills in matches against bots (difficulty can be changed from easy to impossible levels), and also play in the team. After the release of the open beta will add matchmaking rating and multiplatform crossplay with a single progress.

Browse Dota Underlords – watch videos

Release date Dota Underlords. When will the final version of the game Dota Underlords, not yet reported.

What about Dota Underlords? Underlords became the second individual game Dota 2. The first was a collectible card game Artifact in 2018, which received mixed reviews. Underlords is a separate version of Auto Chess, which is a mod for Dota 2, the sequel to the original Dota, which in turn was a mod for Blizzard’s Warcraft 3.

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