Valve introduced the Steam Link Anywhere: how it will improve the opportunity of the gamers

Valve представила сервис Steam Link Anywhere: как он расширит возможности геймеров

Valve presented an expanded version of the service Link Steam, called Steam Link Anywhere. The project allows you to stream games from your PC to any Internet-connected device, with support for Steam Link.

As reported by TechSpot, first of all we are talking about mobile phones and tablets running the Android operating system.

Steam Link for iOS. It is noteworthy that Valve tried to release the Steam app Link for iPhone and iPad, but Apple blocked it in the App Store. Most likely, in the future companies will be able to settle this question. In addition, Steam Link Anywhere will work on any PC with an installed Steam client.

Features of the new service. Thus, for example, you can stream games from your Steam library on a home gaming PC on your office work computer, which is now not necessary to have a powerful hardware to run modern games.

Overview of the new Steam Link Anywhere – watch videos

Of course, you will need a stable Internet connection with high speed data transfer, although Valve did not specify a specific value. In the end, Steam Link Anywhere, is in beta testing, so errors may occur and “crashes”.

Other streaming services. Anyway, streaming services have recently gained popularity. There are services Now GeForce NVIDIA and PlayStation Now from Sony. And at the end of last year, its options for streaming services submitted by Google (Project Stream) and Microsoft (Project xCloud).

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