Valve Studio worked on a strategy based on Half-Life: details

Студия Valve работала над стратегией по мотивам Half-Life: детали

After the release of the second episode of Half-Life 2 in 2007, the famous universe came to a standstill, but gamers still hope for a continuation of the series. As it turned out, several years ago, Valve was working on a new game based on the shooter, however, it was atypical for a series of strategy in real-time and released only on Nintendo.

As reported 4PDA, information shared channel Valve News Network specializing in rumors about cancelled games Studio.

The process of development. The source reports that in 2016 the company Gabe Newell was involved in strategy Half-Life: Tactics at the specific request of Nintendo. Valve employees didn’t make promises, but embraced the idea and set to work. Reportedly, they were struck by the concept of Nintendo Switch, and they wanted to meet personally with the hybrid console.

Plot. According to reports, the event is cancelled Half-Life: Tactics unfolded during the seven hour war, when the Earth is invaded by aliens. Play was offered for the rebels and scientists, and the famous Gordon Freeman was supposed to show only in the final.

Trailer Half-Life 2: Lambda Wars – watch the video

However, the development was not openly: first RTS made strategy, and then tried to turn it into a RPG. None of the options on the prototype was not developed, and in 2017-2018 the project altogether abolished.

Another project. Note that the video above shows Lambda Wars – mod for Half-Life 2 that turns the shooter into a strategy. Reportedly, Half-Life: Tactics even to this state in the development stage and have not reached.

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