Vasilisa Volodin has made a horoscope from 10 to 16 February

Василиса Володина составила гороскоп с 10 по 16 февраля

In the period from 10 to 16 February to each of the Zodiac Signs, it is desirable to restore his energy. This will need to make your home a place of power, to live with optimism in his soul, to communicate with nice people and be physical activity. This is a universal advice that should be followed all seven days.


This week welcomed any initiative in work, in household chores, in love. You can take on any new projects or to devote himself entirely to the fact that failed last week. The rams should tune in to current Affairs, forgetting about the past and not thinking about too distant future. The energy of stars and planets will help them shed light on their hidden potential. To minimize the probability of problems, you need to be more attentive to detail.

At the end of the week, the Rams will be a little more nervous. Not to worry once again, it is better to respect the day, not to stay up late and not Wake up too early. In love are lucky those who are already in relationships, those who are still in the stage of searching. Started now the relationship can develop into a serious affair in the foreseeable future.


To improve energy Taurus, you can be creative and art therapy. The main thing – not to sit idle, even if in a good mood suddenly replaced by anxiety and negativity. Representatives of this Sign in love and in business will help the ability to succeed, perseverance and willpower. Mid-week, Taureans can expect a pleasant new experience that will lead to success in love Affairs.

On the weekends definitely need to break away from work and stalking cases, to relax, to meet friends, schedule a meeting with your loved one. Taurus is to abandon the ascetic output in the style of “cleaning, cooking and TV.” It is recommended to diversify leisure, to go out to have fun with friends, to change the situation, change the way.


Gemini the stars advise you to monitor closely your emotional state and mood. It is not necessary to overwork, and also to maintain a negative initiative detractors and enemies. Charms for good health will help people of this Zodiac Sign to maintain perfect health even in the most unpleasant situations. Stars and planets will be in discord Monday and Saturday. It is in these days better take care of myself most.

The stars advise the Twins to do something spontaneously, thoughtlessly. Also this week, it is better not to make expensive purchases and not waste money on something no confidence. It is advisable to help family, friends and colleagues, if they ask for support. Any good will come back in the foreseeable future good luck.

Cancers should activate its own source of power Zodiac Sign. Additional energy will need them on Monday, when the stars and planets will be in complete disharmony. No soul-searching in the beginning of the week should not be: self-analysis is better to do this weekend, when a celestial body will become more harmonious.

Any difficulties this week to take better easier based not on intuition but on logic and personal experience. Tips relatives and friends do not always help to escape from the clutches of failure and apathy, and now Raki can do that only by yourself. Despite the difficulties, this week Cancers will succeed in work and financial Affairs. The main thing – not to risk in vain and not to get into adventures.

This week will be extremely positive for the lions. The heavenly bodies are in complete harmony, and throughout the first five days. The output power of the stars is slightly faded, but will not deprive the lions all the luck. To improve it can be using powerful conspiracy. If Saturday and Sunday are not planned Affairs, it is better just to relax a little and change the situation.

Weekdays are perfect for shopping of any kind. You can invest in your own development, buy clothes, change the way to travel. Monday and Tuesday are particularly beneficial to visit crowded places and mass events. Towards the end of the week better be careful on the roads. Very strong is the intuition that should be trusted in difficult situations.


Virgins will not be easy in love with the most jealous Signs of the Zodiac. Stars and planets are advised not to provoke further conflict. In the foreseeable future with a jealous other half, it will be easier to negotiate and find compromise solutions.

In the first half of the week is to be assigned cases at home and at work. Virgins are strictly prohibited to be lazy if they want to achieve maximum results at work and in business. Need to throw all your force on the implementation of the plans, because the best time for this is simply not to find. The astrologer advises to listen to your heart, if the path will be problems that will be difficult to solve.


The solution to family problems cannot be postponed pigeonholed. Is it time to help friends, and both material and psychological. Stars advise not to deprive loved ones care and positive, spend more time with them and to show their feelings. Also Libra will be lucky in the search of the second half, but better to check love compatibility.

In the middle of the week will be a period favorable for creative activities, new purchases, search motivation and inspiration. In General, the week will be one of the best and brightest for the last month. Scales will manage to reach their potential and to achieve the best results in any job.


The last three days of the week will bring Scorpios a lot of pleasant acquaintances. The charisma and charm of these people will rise up to heaven, but it will have no meaning if the Scorpions will not be able to lift your mood and infect others with optimism. If the novel was ever done in these days will be fleeting, should not be upset. So I decided the stars that protect the Scorpions from problems.

Each of us typical mistakes in life, but each such problem has solutions. This week Scorpios can make some wrong moves, but they quickly get everything back to normal. The main thing is to maintain consistency and not to do all things at once. Better to do one thing than to start a million things and not finish any of them.


People born under these stars may occur some troubles on Tuesday or Wednesday, while the night lights would be in a negative state. To find a way out of difficult situations will help three effective way. For Sagittarius will be a personal benefit that is not always good for relationships with others.

To focus on themselves and their problems is closer to the end of the week. Monday and Tuesday 10 and 11 February it is advisable to help all those in need, to clear karma and to attract more luck into your life. Very useful to have new knowledge, share them with your colleagues and partners. The stars also recommend not to reveal their cards early.


This week will be a breath of fresh air for Capricorn. To change lives for the better will help the law of attraction thoughts. You need to think about the positive, to dream more and not to focus on negative thoughts and negative opinion minded people. If a weekday is expected to increased dynamics of the weekend Capricorn waiting and unhurried calm.

You need to listen to your inner voice and to look at what is happening around them. Care – the best friend of success, because if you know two times more than others. The only problem can expect Capricorn on the weekends. We are talking about jealousy, which can make itself felt at the most inopportune moment relations.


Aquarius this time will be faced with a very variable energy of stars and planets. Luck will come and then leave. On the horizon there may be unforeseen difficulties which will kick Aquarius out of the rut and make you jittery. To stay on the wave of good luck in business and work will help them follow the rules of a successful person. Love will help getting rid of hypocrisy.

This week is like a stumbling block for active and dynamic Aquarius. It’s a bit to slow them down and make you think about life. It is not necessary to regard it as a problem. Sometimes it is very useful to stop, look at your life from outside, to detect in it any problems, solve them, and then continue the journey with renewed vigor.


Fish from 10 to 16 February may increase the susceptibility to criticism and negative words from others. Listen only to those who have the most confidence. After communicating with unpleasant people is to use recommendations for restoration of strength and energy. It will not be the easiest period of time, but the Fish will still have a chance to succeed in business and love, because the stars will be creative and supply them with good luck.

Fish is to filter incoming information, dividing it into “spam” and something useful. Many of the people around them can lie, distort the facts. If you don’t notice in time, can be problems. Also the stars and planets do not advise to amass new enemies. Better to be extremely responsive and kind to neutralize people’s desire to put a spoke in the wheel.