Vasyl Lomachenko – 31: a success story outstanding boxer

Василию Ломаченко – 31: история успеха выдающегося боксера

Renowned Ukrainian boxer Vasyl Lomachenko 17 February celebrates his birthday. This year the outstanding athlete turned 31. The editors of “24” decided to talk about the road to success Vasyl Lomachenko and the most prominent fights in the career of a boxer.

At age 31 titled Ukrainian achieved what other athletes are unable to and at the end of his career. Vasyl Lomachenko – a vivid example of how people seeking to achieve success through hard work takes it all.

Vasyl Lomachenko was born in the Odessa region, in the picturesque town Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi. Father is a coach in a Boxing club, the mother – a professional acrobat, master of sports. In this family guy could not avoid boxer’s career, so he began training under the close supervision of the Pope.

According to Anatoly Lomachenko, at first he did not want his son was a professional boxer, and just raised a real man. So the guy from an early age not only fought in the ring, but was engaged in rowing, football and Sambo.

In the ring the champion was 4 years, and in the 6 – Vasyl Lomachenko spent the first fight on the international tournament “Hope”. Then the champion stepped into the ring with a guy 2 years older than him and 5 pounds heavier. Officially the Vasyl Lomachenko won, however, so as not to upset the opponent, the result of the fight was a draw.

That fight I won, but we made a draw, the guy was not upset. It was later explained to me father,
recalled Vasyl Lomachenko.

Archival video family Lomachenko (footage from the documentary “the Story of Vasyl Lomachenko)

In addition to sports sections, Vasyl Lomachenko dancing. The last circle future champion hated, but went there for 3 years because my father threatened to send him Boxing club.

I hated to dance. I didn’t like it,
– says Vasyl Lomachenko.

However, dance classes yielded results: in professional Boxing, Lomachenko is so fast and easy to maneuver, as if dancing in the ring. This is often the reason for losing an opponent who can’t predict the next step of a boxer. And in the early years Vasyl Lomachenko even reproduced the movements of the legendary boxer Roy Jones, dancing in the ring.


Victory at the Olympics

The first significant path of the recognition was to participate in the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing. Then Lomachenko freely overcame old rival is still with the Junior years – Russians Alberta Selimova. After this fight all the boxers that have been in a fight with Lomachenko, had no chance, so the Ukrainian was convincing in every movement. The last and decisive match ended prematurely because in the first round the athlete three knockout.

In Ukraine, Vasyl Lomachenko came back a star, and Belgorod-Dniester has become a city that is not just famous for history, and brought a titled boxer. Because in Beijing, the guy first got the Val Barker trophy, which is awarded to the best boxer regardless of weight category.

Later Vasyl Lomachenko took part in the second Olympics in 2012, held in London, where he obtained 4 victories. After that at the hands of Vasyl Lomachenko appeared two tattoos of the Olympic rings. and torso portrait of man, without which Lomachenko would not have become a famous boxer.

The path to the championship

Already in the second fight professional career, Vasyl Lomachenko tried to set a record, winning the world title, but was prevented by a single defeat, which suffered a titled boxer. Then, in March 2014, in the ring, the Ukrainian met with Orlando Salido. Mexican led a dirty fight, hitting the liver and kidneys. For the whole 12 rounds, for Salido inflicted more than 40 blows below the belt, but the referee did not react to the violation of the rules.


This was the biggest surprise Lomachenko who is not accustomed to such methods of the opponent. But even in this battle, the Ukrainian proved he was not surrendered under the pressure of Mexican and fought to the final bell.

According to the results points, the Ukrainian still lost. However, the home supporters Vasyl Lomachenko do not perceive this encounter defeat, because I believe that if Salido has fought according to the rules, it would not hold and several rounds.

Next, a persistent fighter was only a triumphant fights. In a fight with a famous boxer Gary Russell, Vasyl Lomachenko achieved the desired – has won a world title at Featherweight. Subsequently, the Ukrainian met in the ring with Chonlatarn, Piriyapinyo, Gamalero Rodriguez, Romulo Lasica, Roman Martinez, Nicholas Walters, Jason Cosoi, Miguel Marriages, Guillermo Rigondeaux, Jorge Linares, Jose Pedrosoi. All the matches ended with the victory of Vasyl Lomachenko.

Василию Ломаченко – 31: история успеха выдающегося боксера

After successful battles the whole world was fascinated by the skill of the Ukrainian, but the legend of Boxing that Lomachenko considered an idol, Mike Tyson would call it promising boxer of our time. At the same time winning champion will take the first stage of the world Boxing ratings.

Hard training did Vasyl Lomachenko most titled boxer of Ukraine, champion of Europe and the idol of hundreds of athletes. His success story proves that hard work and grinding workmanship can be the basis of significant results.

The editors of the site “24” congratulates champion Vasyl Lomachenko happy birthday!