Vatican priest opened a “non-toxic” server in Minecraft

Priest Robert Ballecer, which in the past was an engineer from Silicon valley, opened the first Vatican Minecraft server. According to the priest, the platform should serve for “less toxic” gamers.

Now the server is in development, said the portal Rome Reports. Very soon the community will be able to join everyone.

The idea was born from a tweet, in which the priest asked subscribers what game should create a “non-toxic” site. Most subscribers have voted in favor of the popular game Minecraft. Therefore, it is the priest decided to create a server.

You can invite creative people who don’t want to be toxic. Creating an environment in which people can Express themselves and build relationships – most importantly, what I want to achieve,
– explained Ballester.

The priest created a “non-toxic” Minecraft server:

Thanks to the idea Ballecer on this site his colleagues could use one language to communicate with the part of the flock that likes online games and are generally technically advanced.

What is Minecraft?It’s a video game sandbox, in which users can change the three-dimensional world composed of cubes as they please. To build, to destroy, to fight, to survive and even to learn. The game gives users complete freedom of action in their environment.

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