Vavrysh told about corruption and “looking” in construction

Ваврыш рассказал о коррупции и "смотрящих" в строительстве

CEO of Saga Development Andrew Vavrysh did not deny the existence of the scheme “$ 5 per square” in the State architectural and building inspection and the availability of “looking” for construction.

He told about it in interview to the Economic truth.

On the question of whether every time Vavrysh paid “$ 5 a square” to EXTINGUISH, he said that it was a “complex issue” and he “had no choice in this regard”.

Vavrysh also spoke about his interaction with “looking” for GASI see Gorowyn at the wedding “looking” for the Ministry of justice Andriy Dovbenko.

“He (Gorovoy – ed.) used to work in the city administration, in one of the departments of public utilities. I saw him at meetings,” said Vavrysh.

When asked to talk about the role of Vadim Stolar as “looking” in Kiev, Vavrysh said, “He for something was watching than watched.”

The developer opposed the elimination of GASI.

“I am a methodologist and Manager. I am against any sudden movements. A person’s murder not to revive”, – he said.

According to Vavrusa, is important not the fact of elimination, and “it is important that will be after rebirth. What lies in the idea?”

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Ваврыш рассказал о коррупции и "смотрящих" в строительстве