“Vegas” lost the decisive match of the playoffs of the NHL, conceding four goals in 5 minutes: video

"Вегас" проиграл решающий матч плей-офф НХЛ, пропустив четыре шайбы за 5 минут: видео

In the seventh match of the playoffs of NHL between “San Jose” and “Vegas” all agreed the withdrawal of the hockey guests Cody Ichina. His team was ahead by three goals, but in the minority conceded four goals. Subsequently the team lost the match, and with it the series of the playoffs of the NHL.

Last season, “Vegas” a few sensationally reached the Stanley Cup finals, where they lost to “Washington”. It was the team’s first season in the NHL. In the second season the team again reached the playoffs, and this time were eliminated in the first stage.

23 April “San Jose” and “Vegas” played a seventh game. The winner of this game went to the next round. And “Vegas” was close to it. Early in the third period, the team was ahead 0:3. The second goal was scored by Yixin. And that he was chosen to be the main loser of the game. 09:13 he got a 5 minute penalty and remove the rest of the match. And the 09: 20 “San Jose” has won back one washer. 13:21 the score was 4:3 in favor of the hosts.

To its credit, “Vegas”, the team managed to level the score. 47 seconds before the end of the match, Odie Marchese scored the fourth goal of his team. So the winner was determined in overtime. There was abandoned only one goal. Its author was, Goodrow at 18:19.

Match highlights of the match San Jose – Vegas

“San Jose” out in the quarter-finals of the playoffs of the NHL. The team will play against Colorado.