Vegetarianism: important recommendations

Вегетарианство: важные рекомендации

At first glance it may seem that becoming a vegetarian is simple – it is only necessary to exclude meat and fish from the diet. But in fact there are a few important things to know says

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Consumption of refined carbohydrates

Such “empty” carbohydrates contained in white flour, sugar. Some people abandoning meat products, switch to vegetarian cakes, cookies, sugary juices, drinking it just because of the fact that they contain no meat. But these carbohydrates are not the body any good, and Vice versa, suggesting a negative effect – increasing the level of blood sugar. The rejection of meat-eating should be another step in your development and not create new misconceptions. Be conscious in the choice of products.

The lack of healthy fats in the diet

The bug is that when switching to a vegetarian diet people do not take into account the body’s need a varied diet that provides the body all the necessary elements. Determine whether your diet useful vegetable fats that can be found in foods such as nuts, avocados, vegetable oils, seeds. Unsaturated fats improve the condition of skin and hair, beneficial effects on the heart and blood vessels. They dissolve and eliminate cholesterol deposits formed on the walls of blood vessels.

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Neglect the foods that contain protein

Make sure that your diet has adequate amount of foods containing protein, which is the main building material for our body. On your table should appear tofu, legumes, grains and nuts.