Venediktov accused Poroshenko of pressure and stated that the notice he put it in the mail

Венедиктова обвинила Порошенко в давлении и заявила, что сообщение о подозрении ему отправят почтой

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Iryna Venediktova has accused a group of politicians and lawyers in the pressure and trying to put on a show during the presentation of reports of suspicion. In the video, which in the evening of 10 June was placed in the account of the attorney General’s Office to YouTube, she never mentioned the name of the MP, which was intended message, but the context implies that this is about the fifth President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the “European solidarity” Petro Poroshenko.

The MP refused to receive the notice and the memo on the rights of the suspect, instead he and his colleagues in the faction, lawyers and security guards came to the Office of the public Prosecutor under the pretext of emergency admission, said Venediktov.

“MPs just barged into my office, damaging things to the security staff. You think we discussed the problems of their voters or the deputies represented the interests of the people? Not at all, they came from the other end. Any suggestions, instructions and requirements of the MP relative to the pre-trial investigation is unlawful. Therefore, neither the pressure on the Prosecutor General with the requirement to re-report the suspicion, which actually means re-commit proceedings, which has already been fulfilled in the presence of lawyers of the Deputy of the indoor GBR”, she said.

The attorney General has denied approval of Poroshenko lawyer Ilya Novikov on how to report the suspicion to the MP could only she personally, and not the Prosecutor’s office.

Venediktov said that the suspicion made fact of publication of clearly criminal orders, persuaded military officials to the abuse of power and official authority; the head of the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office does not consider the case political.

“Today, the notice has already been sent the MP email. Next – election of a preventive measure in court”, – it summed up.

10 Jun former President Poroshenko came in for questioning in the RRG. Then, according to the Bureau, refused to participate in the investigation and tried to leave the room. He tried to declare suspicion, but Poroshenko did not get it, and went to the reception to Venediktova.

Fifth President said that criminal proceedings for the appointment of Sergey Semochko for the position of Deputy head of the foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine.

Semochko held the post of Deputy head of the SVR from July 2018 to April 2019.

In the fall of 2018 on the air aired an investigation of the project stating that eight members of a family Semochko have a Russian passport, and he during his leadership of the economic counterintelligence of security Service of interest to the shadow income of the pharmaceutical companies. After that, the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine was registered the investigation on suspicion of Semochko of illicit enrichment, and the SBU on suspicion of his treason.