Venediktov discussed with Avakov case Sternenko, which investigates SBU

Венедиктова обсуждала с Аваковым дело Стерненко, которое расследует СБУ

In the attorney General’s Office on Wednesday, March 25, a meeting of the leadership of the Prosecutor’s office and Ministry of internal Affairs. It was attended by the newly appointed Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova and its deputies, as well as the interior Minister Arsen Avakov and the top leadership of the National police.

According to the statement posted on the website of the office of the attorney General, law enforcement officers “agreed to conduct the necessary investigative and procedural actions in a number of resonant criminal proceedings”.

The most resonant crimes of the attorney General’s Office has classified the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet, as well as “the murder of John DOE”.

John Smith died from a stab wound that he received during the attack on the Odessa activist Sergey Sternenko. Sternenko insists that stabbed the assailant in the necessary defence and accuses Odessa police of involvement in assassination attempts and the assistance of criminals.

Pre-trial investigation in the case Sternenko leads the security Service of Ukraine, and not the police. However, this did not prevent Avakov to discuss investigative and procedural actions with the attorney General. This fact drew the attention of the girl Sergey Sternenko Natalia Usatenko.

“Avakov with Venediktova publicly discuss how to put Sternenko, despite the fact that MIA has no relation to the cases of the attack on Sergei. Stupid no. The jurisdiction of the SBU. But they don’t care,” protested Usatenko.

“May 24, 2018 Vanya with his partner (in the same miserable aunt) wanted to earn extra money. Attacked Sergei Sternenko, when we returned home together. In self-defense Sergei Ivan died. Failed to earn. Still have done much to the organizers of the attempt” – she wrote on his page in Facebook.