Venediktov said that Portnov has the opposite opinion in many things

Венедиктова заявляет, что с Портновым имеет противоположное мнение во многих вещах

The attorney-General Irina Venediktova said that he had spoken with the Deputy head of the presidential Administration of times of Victor Yanukovych Andriy Portnov, however, many things “has with him the opposite opinion.”

She said this in an interview with “Ukrainian truth” in response to a request of journalists to comment on its communication with Portnov.

“I knew this question will, in fact, and I want to answer it very honestly and openly. Because when I was head of the RRG, I was not only bound very tightly with Portnov and just thought “man Portnov” she said.

Venediktov added that when she in one interview said that Portnow expressed a desire to meet, once the lawyer Petro Poroshenko wrote: “this, to me does not want, and with Portnov she wants.”

“I actually talked with Andrey Vladimirovich. It’s very much us statements was in the RRG, and now treatment come here. Given the fact that he media is a powerful man, he has a lot of people who support his ideas… But a lot of things with him I have the opposite opinion,” she said.

As an example, the attorney General called the situation with threats of Andrei Portnov addressed to the public Prosecutor Alexander Bozhko (November 2019 in media released information about how Portnow threatened by prosecutors who are investigating criminal proceedings where it appears – ed.).

Venediktov added that the situation is “very clear and very clearly demonstrates the failure of such institution as the Prosecutor’s office to protect his dick.”

Previously in the position of acting head of the state Bureau of investigation Irina Venediktova expressed confidence that the Deputy head of Administration of President Yanukovych Portnow does not affect the course of an investigation, the former President of Petro Poroshenko.

As reported, most cases against Poroshenko openly State Bureau of investigation after the statements of Portnov. All the facts fifth President issued statements demanding to attract officials of times of Yanukovych to justice for knowingly false reports of crime.

Andriy Portnov was a people’s Deputy of Ukraine of V and VI convocation since 2010 – Deputy head of the presidential Administration of Viktor Yanukovych – the head of the main Department on judicial reform and judicial system.