Venediktov was given the task to “catch” Poroshenko, the former head of the investigative group of the RRG Koretsky

Венедиктова давала задание "поймать" Порошенко, - экс-руководитель следственной группы ГБР Корецкий

The former head of the investigation team GBR Oleg Koretsky said that the cases against the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had not seen of a crime and has repeatedly appealed to the leadership of the RRG in relation to their closure.

He stated this in an interview to “Euractiv”.

“July 8, Koretsky said publicly that under pressure from the acting Director of GBR Alexander Sokolov and his first Deputy Alexander Babikov continued to work on cases Poroshenko, despite the lack of evidence,” – said the publication.

Koretsky also stated that he had been pressured to investigate the case of the channel “Direct”.

He noted that the attorney-General Irina Venediktova – a former adviser to President Zelensky and MP from his party said to him: “we will hire a PR group, we will move you, you will be the center of attention. The most important thing for us to “catch” Petro (Poroshenko. – Ed.)”

Asked to respond to accusations of ties with the fifth President Koretsky laughed, saying that he was first accused that he is a man Portnov, and then that he is an ally of Kolomoisky.

“I work for no one except his conscience,” he said, adding that “the funny thing is, I never communicated with any of these people.” “Strange Kharkiv people” headed Venediktova put pressure on investigators to Poroshenko (VIDEO)

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