Venezuelan authorities seized more than 300 local ASIC miner

Власти Венесуэлы изъяла более 300 ASIC у местного майнера

Venezuelan authorities seized 315 bitcoin system for mining cryptocurrency from local ASIC miner bitcoin.

Hard to be a bitcoin miner in Venezuela, despite the low cost of electricity. Soldiers of the National guard in Puerto Ordaz, seized 315 units of mining equipment for bitcoin, Bitcoin (BTC) production company Bitmain. This writes Cointelegraph.

The owner of the equipment for mining it is said that he does not have the required permits for owning and operating this equipment. He also had no right to carry ASIC during the quarantine COVID-19.

It is known that the owner tried to move the equipment to another city.

According to the commander of the relevant district military carried out a planned inspection of the truck that tried to pass a temporary border established to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The military asked for the documentation for the equipment and not get it confiscated the property of the Venezuelan.

In the truck was 315 Bitmain Antminer ASICS S9. The military seized the equipment and transferred the case to the national surveillance of cryptocurrency and related activities (Sunacrip), the state Agency responsible for the regulation of kriptonyte Venezuela.

Under current law, Venezuelan citizens who are interested in cryptocurrency conduct activities, must obtain permission from the government office called national supervision scriptactive. Owners who do not get these permits, you risk a fine and they can confiscate the equipment.

Now Antminer S9s available at a cheap price, from $100 to $300. Overall, the seized equipment worth about $94500.

CoiNews reported that the supply of Bitmain products in Shenzhen were violated because Mikri Jean (Zhan Micree), previously dismissed from the post of the General Director of the company, resumed a senior position in representative office in Beijing and banned from mining to ship-installation.

Earlier CoiNews wrote that Nicolas Maduro (Nicolas Maduro), a former bus driver and President-elect of Venezuela announced a campaign aimed at supporting medical personnel of the country in terms of the pandemic coronavirus, and distributed to each physician one Petro.

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