Venezuelan Pro-bitcoin the opposition can use the sanctioned funds Maduro to reset it

Венесуэльская про-биткоин оппозиция может использовать санкционированные фонды Мадуро, чтобы сбросить его

Venezuelan opposition, supportive of bitcoin can eventually use their own sanctioned means to overthrow the government, if they implemented plans to create an “army” of foreign mercenaries.

As reported by Reuters April 30, Erik Prince (Erik Prince), the founder of the famous private security contractor Blackwater allegedly wants to use a Fiat currency, closed foreign governments for funding ongoing reaction against the regime of Nicolas Maduro (Nicolas Maduro).

The unstable political situation in Venezuela has again hit the headlines after opposition leader Juan Guido (Juan Guaido) suggested a military coup against Maduro.

Guido, a prominent advocate of bitcoin, is already recognized as the Venezuelan head of state of various Western countries, including the United States.

Having received the support of U.S. President Donald trump, Prince also plans to call for the support group, supportive, Guide according to the details of the plan, which became known to Reuters.

In particular, it provides for an army of 5000 mercenaries “Peruvians, Ecuadorian, Colombians, Spaniards” that will help the opposition to overthrow the current regime.

They would get funding from offshore assets held under quarantine in foreign governments due to the behavior of Maduro in recent years.

According to them, Prince is “seeking $ 40 million from private investors”, including wealthy supporters of trump and Venezuelan immigrants.

He has a solution for Venezuela, just as he has a solution to many other problems

said Lita with a Leash (Lital Leshem), Director of investor relations at private investment company of the Prince.

As we reported, the persistent economic crisis in Venezuela has intensified despair among ordinary citizens. Financial currency of the country re-branded “Sovereign Bolivar” (VES) Maduro, introduced last year, is suffering from inflation, which reached 8 million percent in 2019.

As expected, Venezuelans massively turned to bitcoin to circumvent capital controls and the tendency to erosion of capital, and every week more and more bolivars through decentralized platform.

For the week, this figure reached almost $36 billion, indicating the volume of inflation due to the fact that the amounts denominated in bitcoin is actually reduced.

Maduro was trying to divert attention away from bitcoin and from uncontrolled decentralized cryptocurrency, offering to buy its own cryptocurrency Petro.

The government has already taken a firm position in respect of the obligations of citizens to support Petro, with Petro payments for some government services such as new passports.