Venice-length movie in 50 years

Венеция: фильм длиною в 50 лет

Olga Kepinska

In Venice under the audience’s applause was held the premiere of the film, the iconic Director Orson wells in “the Other side of the wind”, released 33 years after his death.

The painting of wells began in the distant 1970, but never managed to finish. The reason for this was the lack of financial resources. Find them and make complicated the Assembly with the participation of the famous Bob Boenisch was only after almost 50 years.

In may 2015 Directors Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach announced the beginning of the company to raise $2 million needed for final installation and release of the film.

We had 100 hours of footage that is a little over 6 years. It was scary of course, knowing the history of all the scene as they had was taken away and slaughtered, ruining all his work, and how he after all felt betrayed. That is why we have done a great job and communicated with people who worked with him, “says Bob Boenisch.

“The other side of the wind” tells the story of a once famous Director of Hannaford, who after many years in exile returned to his native Hollywood to shoot an innovative film.

The painting of wells, openly ridiculed the then the entire film industry, for which he was deprived of financial means.

The film will be available on the platform Netflix in November.

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