Venice was flooded after heavy rains

Венецию затопило после проливных дождей

More than 80 percent of the territory of the famous city was under water. The authorities are ready to declare a state of emergency.

In Venice, the water level rose to the level of 187 cm, flooded more than 80% of the city. On Wednesday, November 13, reported news Agency ANSA.

It is noted that the city administration is ready to declare a state of emergency.

St. Mark’s square is completely flooded, the water level exceeded one meter. Also photoplan and the eponymous Cathedral.

A higher water level (190 cm) were recorded only in 1966, when, due to floods were flooded not only Venice, but also other Italian cities, including Florence. In this critical mark believes 130 cm

The mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro stated that the city is experiencing a real disaster. Residents were advised not to go outside.

The phenomenon of “high water” in Venice is associated with an increase in sea level, which happens to be usually in spring and autumn, and depends on lunar cycles and tides.

The water level also rises due to the rains, as happened this time. Flooding also contributed to the wind from the sea.