Venus and Mars was one planet – scientists

The reliefs of the heavenly bodies gave scientists on speaker hypothesis. The distance of the planets from each other destroyed life on Mars.

Венера и Марс ранее были одной планетой - ученые

The topography of the Martian surface allow us to state that the planet existed hydrosphere. Such an assertion is not science fiction. But the fact that Mars and Venus were previously a single planet, haven’t told anybody. However, it is to such conclusion scientists from the USA, analyzing the remains of chemicals on objects.

In their opinion, the presence of a dense atmosphere served as a barrier to the evaporation of water from Mars. The incipient separation of Venus launched such mechanisms by which the planet obtained its current condition. Not all the international community of astronomers supported this incredible hypothesis, but is corrosive, the Americans promised to bring more solid evidence of this theory. So just need to get at least microprobe from the surface of Venus, and there is very hot (a little more than 450 Celsius).

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