Vera Brezhnev showed photos of plastic surgery

Вера Брежнева показала фото до пластической операции

Working in the aggressor state by the Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhnev became the object of public censure. Over the years musical career as a appearance artist has dramatically changed, so fans suspected the artist in the plastic. Years later, the 37-year-old ex-VIA Gra ready to explain.

In his Instagram, the singer uploaded two photos with a difference in 15 years. Under the post Brezhnev wanted to talk about the origin of his smooth nose and slender body. In the first picture the singer for about 17 years, and the second is 33 years.

The wife of Konstantin Meladze wrote, if the photos show that she had not done any plastic surgery, especially rhinoplasty (correction of nose shape). According to the singer, she tried to imagine beauty-shots, but only went to a variety of treatments from a beautician.

Вера Брежнева показала фото до пластической операции