Version Axiom Verge for Epic Games Store took off because of a missing steam file

Версия Axiom Verge для Epic Games Store вылетала из-за отсутствующего файла steam

Since yesterday, everyone can get a free Epic Games Store metroidvania Axiom Verge. The first hours of the action was accompanied by a funny problem – the version of the game from Epic Games at some point “work blank screen”, because the bowels of the software was missing a file called steam.

Fun flying in the location Zi, where the obstacles are used paratwada. The problem was that the file steam.xnb, who is responsible for the sound, which periodically comes out of the steam holes, simply absent. When you enter that area the game tries to play audio, but it doesn’t work out and it breaks.

Gamers have repeatedly reported this bug via Twitter and Reddit. Users of the forum ResetEra poked in the error log and game files to find the culprit. It seems that the damage was the fault of the author of a platform That HAPP (Tom Happ). He responded to the incident with the words: “I thought it was Epic and all, and I don’t have включать.dll from Valve, so I removed all the files from Steam in the title… Oops”.

At this point the game is already repaired. To restore the missing file, you can simply refresh Axiom Verge. The comic incident gives is the fact that confused players ran to the game forum on Steam to discuss with other users of this problem. Recall that in the Epic Games Store forums.