Version: Poroshenko plans military escalation before the second round

Версия: Порошенко планирует военное обострение перед вторым туром

Petro Poroshenko interested in the fact that in the second round of presidential elections took Vladimir Zelensky, and not Yulia Tymoshenko. This was stated by political expert Alexander Kochetkov.

LOGIC. According to Kochetkova, Petro Poroshenko, will be easier to defeat in a pair of Zelensky, which can be branded as “actor and the clown,” are unfit for the role of commander in war.

PLAN. The expert says that the environment Poroshenko plans falsification, to take votes away from Tymoshenko. If the second round will be Poroshenko and Zelensky like and plan on Bank – will begin the next phase of the operation.

Alexander KOCHETKOV, political expert:

In the second round is scheduled to play the “military card”. The media will go infa about the threat of escalation on the front. There will be more attacks, there will be reports about the concentration of Russian troops on our borders… And – this is crucial! – are the statements of our military of different ranks that in these critical conditions they see exclusively the Supreme Commander Petro Poroshenko

TRAINING. According to Kochetkov, the government has already started “processing” of the military. Commanders say that the new President will investigate irregularities in the army and podryvaet from them shoulder straps.

In addition, the spin doctors Poroshenko already painted Vladimir Zelensky, the image of a man who is ready to “kneel before Putin.”

“Exit Poroshenko in the second round is a real disaster for the country” – sums up Kochetkov.

By the WAY, according to sociological group “Rating” at the end of January 2019 among undecided Ukrainians the most popular candidates were Vladimir Zelensky (23%), Petro Poroshenko (16.4 per cent) and Yulia Tymoshenko (15.7 per cent). When this came out in the second round, Poroshenko conceded and Zelensky, and Tymoshenko.

The February poll Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research showed support Zelensky at 28%, Poroshenko – 18%, Tymoshenko – 14%.

Recall that opinion polls do not always reflect the real support of candidates. First, there are still many undecided. Second, different groups of the population go to the polls more or less actively. Finally, before the end of the campaign, another 1.5 months and the mood of the Ukrainians can be greatly affected.

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Версия: Порошенко планирует военное обострение перед вторым туром