Very difficult: scientists say the causes of summer depression

Очень тяжело: ученые назвали причины летней депрессии

Experts from the USA called the main causes of summer depression, but also found that the symptoms in summer months is much more difficult to resolve than in winter. Reports scientists were able to figure out that the summer and winter depression are very different.

The main cause of the disease experts believe a change in circadian rhythms related to fluctuations in biological processes due to the change of night and day. To diagnose depression, the patient can own. He will experience depression, sleep problems, difficulties in carrying out the most ordinary Affairs, eating disorders and concentration. However, summer depression is extremely rare, and this disease affects no more than ten percent of adults.

It is noteworthy that this diagnosis doctors put mostly young men not over thirty years. Summer to cure depression by yourself is impossible, so American experts strongly recommend to consult specialists in case of detection of the symptoms listed above.