Via WhatsApp followed by officials of 20 countries – media

Через WhatsApp следили за официальными лицами 20 стран - СМИ

Software developed by an Israeli firm NSO Group, used for the implementation through the application WhatsApp spy officials at least 20 countries. This was reported by Reuters.

Company Facebook on October 29 in the state of California has filed a lawsuit to the NSO Group, accusing it of using WhatsApp for surveillance. The lawsuit alleges that the NSO Group in the period from April to may of this year, “used the WhatsApp servers in the United States and other countries to send malware to the 1400 mobile phones and other devices.”

This, as emphasized by the plaintiffs, intended particularly for obtaining access to user messages, call information and location. As follows from the statement of claim, the staff of the NSO Group themselves used specified BY, and provided to his customers.

According to sources, the Agency, with the NSO Group was obtained unauthorized access, including the information kept on mobile devices, officials and the military. As stated in the material, it is, in particular, the representatives of the countries that are considered allies of Washington. A full list of these States is not given. The Agency also does not specify who exactly was the customer data from hacker attacks.

According to Reuters, among the owners of devices that have been committed cyber attacks, the residents of USA, UAE, Bahrain, Mexico, Pakistan and India. The Agency has no data on how did NSO Group surveillance of officials or the military in these countries.