Viasat calls to prevent the development of piracy in Ukraine

Viasat призывает препятствовать развитию пиратства в Украине

The culture of legal content consumption long established in European countries and provided an important stimulus for the development of the television markets.

Satellite TV operator Viasat calls on Ukrainians to use the services of official providers and impede the development of piracy in the country.

As reported in Viasat, the culture of legal content consumption, like any other product, has long been introduced in European countries and provided an important stimulus for the development of the television market: “Following the European example, Ukrainian television has also actively implements measures to promote the development of quality television in Ukraine. One such step was the coding of satellite television signal, which is an important tool in the fight against illegal use and distribution of TV content without the permission of its owners”.

According to expert estimates Viasat, as of today, more than 1,000,000 of subscribers of satellite television in Ukraine continue to use pirate services to get free access to viewing of domestic television channels on the satellite, or the so-called cardsharing.

He is an unreliable method of watching TV, because the providers-the pirates do not have contracts with rights holders, according to which they could broadcast the channels legally, and therefore, in fact, they steal the TV satellite signal and offer it to subscribers for money. In this case, the subscribers may not be aware that your use of the services of the crooks. Thus, the pirates put subscribers at risk at any time remain without access to television in the case of detection and disconnection of right holders, and for the future to be prosecuted for committed offense.

After encoding the satellite signal 23 TV channels of the leading Ukrainian media groups, which took place on 29th January 2020 and substantially reduced the possibility of the pirates, the government together with media groups and satellite operators are beginning a new stage of active combat cateringove and other illegal services free access to an encoded satellite signal.

Now, at different levels developed and implemented appropriate action. So, in the coming weeks, the official satellite TV operator Viasat will close the NDS coding system, which does not correspond to the latest safety standards of satellite broadcasting. Viewers who use pirate services and get access to the TV by “break” the encoding will be left without access to most TV channels. The new coding system satellite signal Verimatrix is much more reliable and progressive, and therefore not amenable to decoding illegal tuners that do not have the appropriate functionality.

“In order to provide its customers with the necessary tuners, Viasat conducted the replacement of old equipment with tuners new models that support a coding system Verimatrix, and because they are fully able to enjoy your favorite products without worrying about the sudden loss. We hope that through the joint efforts of all participants of the television market, and first of all – the subscribers who will deliberately choose a legal pirate TV will disappear as a phenomenon, and it will happen in the near future”? commented Anton Yuryev, sales Director at Viasat.

In Viasat noticed that in order to obtain legal access to the coded TV channels, subscribers need to connect to the official service provider, satellite TV and set the TV box with Verimatrix coding system – these tuners contain the marking “UCE”.

“Learn more about how to connect to the official satellite operator, possibly in the Center of informational support of Viasat by phone 068/050/093 170 82 82”, – stated in the message Viasat.