Viatrovych voted to abolish the weekend for the may holidays in Ukraine

Вятрович высказался об отмене выходных на майские праздники в Украине

In Ukraine it is necessary to keep the day off on may 1, but day 2 may inappropriate.

This opinion was expressed by Director of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich in an interview with “Facts.” According to him, “may 2 no explanation what day it is, why it is necessary to celebrate.”

Viatrovych believes the myth that the Ukrainians may 1, planting potatoes: “This is a little late for potatoes in most areas of Ukraine. May 1-2 was used for various festivals and leisure, but to talk about the historical basis for the celebration of may 2 is not necessary.”

The historian also commented on the advisability of transferring labor Day on another date.

“Actually, in the past year there has already been some reformatting of this holiday. Before may day was the International day?? workers ‘ – a name we inherited from the Soviet Union. Now we are talking about the Day of work – by analogy with other countries, primarily Western Europe and North America. And now, I think, if there is such a tradition, is a Day of hard labour, it’s not reasonable to carry this holiday to another date,” – said vyatrovich.