Victims of fire in Odessa hotel “Old Tokyo” temporarily placed in buses

Пострадавших от пожара в одесской гостинице "Токио Стар" временно разместили в автобусах

During a fire in the hotel “Tokyo star” in Odessa was evacuated 150 people. Now they lived in a temporary stay, which was organized near of the buses provided by the police and city Council

“There are victims of the fire is a feasible pre-medical help, and the help of psychologists and volunteers,” – said in the message.

It is also noted that several tens of people saved since the morning, sheltered in a house in Odessa, which became the casual witness of the fire and rushed to help rescue workers and police.

“Now hotel guests are looking for your stuff on the fire place. Of these 64 people, including foreigners. After they finish to look for my things, they were taken to the resort on the 16-th station of the fountain, where they will be placed,” – said the Deputy of the mayor of Odessa Andrey Kotlyar

“During the fire in hotel “Old Tokyo” evacuated 136 people. Among the evacuees there were 29 foreigners. In particular, 14 citizens of Belarus, 5 – France 2 – US, 1 – UK, 2 from Turkey and one from Sierra Leone. in General, people in the hotel at the beginning of the fire was 200 people”, – quotes in Twitter revised data from the Ministry of interior journalist Mikhail Shtekel. We will remind, in Odessa in the night of Saturday, August 17, 2019, there was a fire in hotel “Old Tokyo” in str, 1 in which he killed at least eight people. Their biographical particulars are established. Even 10 of them were hospitalized, four in serious condition. Children among the dead and injured there. The owner of the object – local businessman and politician Vadim Black, who also owns the hotel “Star” on Uspenskaya street. According to President Vladimir Zelensky, he is personally responsible for what happened. Black is not against their own liability, but in case if its fault will be proved. His hotel is one of the cheapest places to stay overnight in Odessa – prices for accommodation from 350 UAH per night for a room without a window. Windows there are, indeed, many of the rooms there. Previously the building was used tram depot.