Victory day, or Day of remembrance: what is celebrated in Ukraine on may 8-9 and when the output

День победы или День памяти: что отмечают в Украине 8-9 мая и когда выходной

How is may 9 in Ukraine today? This day is still the weekend? And what is the Day of memory and reconciliation, which is celebrated on may 8? The journalists of “24,” found answers to all these questions.

Why in Europe and the world the victory over Nazism is celebrated on 8, not may 9?

May 7, 1945 in Reims, the French Director of operations, the Supreme command of the military forces of Germany (RCC), Colonel-General Alfred Jodl signed the act of surrender of Germany. But the anti-Hitler coalition, it was officially adopted on may 8 at 23:01 Berlin time – at that time in Moscow was 00:01 may 9. Consequently, most of the world celebrates the Day of Victory over Nazism on may 8 (the official name of the holiday – “victory Day in Europe”), and the countries of the former USSR – a day later, the 9th.

In addition, since 2005 in several countries, is celebrated on may 8 proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations Day of remembrance and reconciliation in commemoration of the victims of the Second world war. So, in the relevant resolutions of the organization, which was adopted on 22 November 2004, requested the States members of the United Nations, non-governmental organizations and individuals to observe annually either one or both of these days (may 8 and 9) as a day of remembrance for all victims of the Second world war. The document also noted that this historical event prepared the conditions for the establishment of the United Nations to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, and urged member States of the UN to join efforts in the fight against new challenges and threats.

Note that on the occasion of the capitulation of Nazi Germany on 8 may 1945 in many cities of Europe and the USA was held a crowded festival. Regarding the Soviet Union, may 9 until 1965 was celebrated here very rapidly – for example, in 1947 Stalin abolished this holiday, and during the reign of Khrushchev, the above was not the weekend, as the country is still very well remembered the horrors of the Second world war. Also the so-called “St. George ribbon”, a symbolism regarding which is actively manipulated by the Russian propaganda, during the war with the Soviet side and in the Soviet period were not used.

8 and 9 may in Ukraine today

As in Soviet times, and in the period of independence of Ukraine for a long time celebrated may 9 as victory Day in world war II. This day is usually held various celebrations and parades. This day in Ukraine is celebrated still, but not so luxuriantly, and in the European spirit of remembrance and reconciliation, because up to 10 million Ukrainians gave their lives during the most terrible tragedy of XX century. In addition, in 2015 in Ukraine there is a Day of remembrance and reconciliation, which is celebrated on 8 may.

“On 8 may, the Day of remembrance and reconciliation we celebrate in unison with the majority of European countries. The second world war – the worst war in history, including in Ukrainian. We, unlike Moscow, is not going to privatize a major victory for all the peoples of the Soviet Union and the countries of anti-Hitler coalition. But to renounce their significant share in the overcoming of Nazism – is not going to. Marking the Day of memory and reconciliation, we first of all pay tribute to the millions of our fellow citizens who were saved from Nazism Ukraine, Europe and the world”, – explained the importance of this day, the President Petro Poroshenko.

Thus, today in Ukraine about the tragic events of world war II is remembered as the 8th, in Day of memory and reconciliation, and on may 9, the victory Day over Nazism in the Second world war. It is also proposed to use the term “Second world war” instead of the Soviet “Great Patriotic war”, and the symbol memory is now red poppy during the commemoration of the fallen it is recommended not to use Soviet symbols.

8 may is a tribute to the victims, this memorial day, we should bow down before them… I honor their memory and will remember the 8th of may. And may 9 is a day of celebration alive. And we must come and honor the veterans who gave all there is to win and ensure victory Day… 8 and 9 may remain, and they unite the country

the President said then.

May 9 will remain a day off?

It is likely that in the future may 9, will be no more weekends, as his bill proposes the Institute of national memory, however, this day is a holiday. But I can make a Day of memory and reconciliation, which is celebrated on 8 may. Regarding 2018, according to the calendar plan, in 2017, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, victory Day over the Nazis (9 may) remains the weekends, and on may 8 will work.

День победы или День памяти: что отмечают в Украине 8-9 мая и когда выходной

День победы или День памяти: что отмечают в Украине 8-9 мая и когда выходной

День победы или День памяти: что отмечают в Украине 8-9 мая и когда выходной