Video editor led to crash of MacBook Pro

Видеоредактор привел к сбою в работе MacBook Pro

Popular video editor Adobe Premiere Pro has led to problems with speakers in the MacBook Pro 2018.

As writes the edition the user with the nickname andripeetso said that worked on the project when he happened to be. The sound was at half volume when the speakers started to do a very loud rattle (“explosion”). The sound stopped only after the user rebooted the laptop.

The owner of a MacBook Pro is convinced that the failure occurred because of the program Adobe Premiere Pro. The next day the same problem arose with the headphones Sony 1000X-M3.

13 users said that they had the same problem. They suggest that the failure could occur because of a bug in version 12.0.1 and 12.0.2 Premiere Pro CC for Mac.

Видеоредактор привел к сбою в работе MacBook Pro

Breaking in a MacBook Pro

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