Video: first gameplay Shadow Warrior 3 is strongly reminiscent of Bulletstorm and DOOM Eternal

Видео: первый геймплей Shadow Warrior 3 сильно напоминает Bulletstorm и DOOM Eternal

The company Devolver Digital, Studio Flying Wild Hog Devolver to shows Direct 2020 showed a trailer of the gameplay for the recently announced action Shadow Warrior 3.

Recall that in the third part of corporate shogun Lo Wang will join with his worst enemy Orochi Zilla a to catch an ancient dragon, which they freed from prison. They have to prevent the end of the world, but you need to find the mask of a dead God, a dragon egg and a bit of magic.

Shadow Warrior 3 will offer new mechanics, including the jerking in the air, running on walls, double jumps and hook-cat. Overall, the gameplay resembles something like Bulletstorm and Eternal DOOM, but instead the Western demons you have to fight with the youkai of the Japanese tradition.

Action game released for the PC in 2021. Other platforms to be announced.