Video game in the United States first approved as a prescription

Видеоигра в США впервые одобрена как лекарство по рецепту

The fifteenth of June, the FDA food and drug administration (FDA) announced the approval of the game as prescription drugs. We are talking about the mobile app EndeavorRx racing game in first person. The FDA approval was made possible after clinical studies to prove the therapeutic effect of the game. Get a prescription for can patients with the syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

ADHD affects mostly children. In any case, this disorder begins in childhood. Developed by a Boston company, Akili Interactive Labs, the game uses a number of academic studies that give the opportunity to make the brain of the child to consistently perform a number of increasingly complex transactions and thus to improve “clinical markers of the disease”.

Game developers partly used the same psychological tricks that the creators of commercial video games are used to encourage players to spend money to buy in-game bonuses. But instead of in-game items and skills of patients with ADHD get a “precise” activation of the prefrontal cortex and the possibility of recovery or reduce symptoms.

“As the child progresses in the game, the technology continuously assesses its capabilities and uses adaptive algorithms to adjust the difficulty and to personalize the treatment experience for each man.”

Therapeutic effects of video games has been actively studied in the last ten years. The emergence of wearable sensors has opened the doors for researchers a lot of new possibilities. To conventional therapy can join physical therapy, virtual reality and more. The game gives patients the opportunity to have a good time, even in the case of a long and tedious exercise. Patients often hard to force yourself to start, and in some cases it is simply impossible, for example, in depression. Gaming incentives, wrapped in a beautiful psychological wrap can help to break the vicious circle of disease and lead to healing.