Video of the day: NASA has shown changes in the Sun over the last 10 years

Видео дня: NASA показало изменения на Солнце за последние 10 лет

Видео дня: NASA показало изменения на Солнце за последние 10 лет

For ten years the solar dynamics Observatory, NASA is continuously monitoring the Sun. During this time she has transmitted to Earth pictures with high resolution. Based on these images, the researchers created a video where you can see the most important events on the Sun over the last decade.

The solar dynamics Observatory (SDO) includes three tools in the system tells the channel 24. First and foremost is a device that keeps track of the extreme ultraviolet radiation of our star.

In the hands of the researchers was also helioseismic and magnetic scanners that perform measurements of the magnetic field of the Sun with high resolution. The third was the instrument the atmospheric imaging (AIA), the leading method of studying the entire solar disk with seven extreme ultraviolet channels.

After the launch in 2010, NASA assumed that the mission will last 5 years. However, it was delayed for 10 years and in no hurry to end. During this time, SDO was able to send back 20 million gigabytes of data, including 425 million high resolution images. While a variety of tools capable of capturing the image of the Sun every 0.75 seconds.

Video recorded changes in the Sun for 10 years

In the video you can see how the planets fly past the Sun, as there are a huge eruption and flare plasma, solar tornadoes, which cause plasma storms that sweep at a speed of 300 thousand kilometers per hour. Were also seen giant plasma waves moving at record speed – about 4.8 million kilometers per hour.

NASA reports that the SDO will work as long as the tools are unusable. In addition, soon will launch a new mission, which will be in geostationary orbit, allowing to create three-dimensional images of the Sun, and see its polar region.

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