Video: the desolation and devastation on the Atlantic coast in Miami global modification for Fallout 4

Видео: пустошь и разруха на атлантическом побережье в глобальной модификации Miami для Fallout 4

A dedicated team continues to work on Fallout: Miami for the fourth part of the franchise. The authors wrote in the news on the official website that delved into the production of stronger than previously and were more likely to encounter problems. They shared their experience last spring in a three-minute clip. Video fully dedicated to the ruined city on the coast of the Atlantic ocean.

Miami trailer is shown in ruins: a massive structure leaned and if at any moment ready to fall. Many homes were left only walls, everywhere the dense vegetation. The authors even showed an abandoned night club where once seething party. The main character in the video comes freely into the water, which looks clear and clean. Perhaps this part of Florida nuclear war is less affected than the Commonwealth.

However, we should not accept what they see for the final version of Fallout: Miami. Modders are warned that the work is ongoing and things can change. And the creators have mentioned that it will soon show fans “something that delivers a lot of fun“. The timing of the release of the final version of the authors is not known.