Video: Toyota RAV4 rammed the fence and flew over the pool

Видео: Toyota RAV4 протаранил забор и перелетел через бассейн

The driver of the crossover lost control, falling into a diabetic coma for lack of insulin.

In the Internet appeared the video of a serious car accident involving a Toyota RAV4 crossover in the U.S. state of Florida, which at high speed flew on private property. The video was published in YouTube.

Video assembled records from two street cameras. Car at high speed ramming a fence, fly through a small pool, lifting high the water sprays, and then again breaks through the fence.

The owner of the house in whose territory the incident occurred, said that the sound was as “like a bomb exploded”. The driver of the crossover was sent to the hospital for the arrival of an ambulance crew. The police assumes that the cause of the accident could be diabetic coma – a motorist lost consciousness due to lack of insulin.