Vietnam tiger tore off both hands of the employee of the zoo

Во Вьетнаме тигр оторвал обе руки работнику зоопарка

In the South of Vietnam in the province of Binh Duong, an employee at a private zoo has lost his hands, trying to atone for the tiger. This was reported by news portal Vnexpress.

It is noted that the incident occurred on 4 June. The predator completely severed the man’s right hand and left hand below the elbow.

The wounded man was discovered by colleagues. At first he was taken to a local hospital where doctors managed to stop the bleeding.

Then the man was transferred to emergency ward at a hospital in Ho Chi Minh city. Now to his life threatens nothing.

The reasons for the attack of the predator are investigated.

Animal rights activists have repeatedly accused the Vietnamese private zoos in animal cruelty and irresponsible attitude to endangered species.