View Ford Bronco, prepared for racing in the desert

Посмотрите на Ford Bronco, подготовленный для гонок в пустыне

The first tuning Studio, which took up the revision of Bronco, was the Saleen.

The American company Saleen, famous for his work on the Ford Mustang, first introduced among the other tuned Bronco prepared for desert racing. After just a day after the premiere of the model in Facebook appeared a rendering of the SUV in a powerful rear wheel drive with the iconic livery of London.

Details about the tuning kit for a little while. Judging by the images, Saleen offers to replace the majority of body panels, including fenders, install a new front bumper with integrated lighting units, spotlights on the roof and a solid black rear spoiler. In addition, Bronco for desert racing on an external bracket for the spare wheel. Probably the Saleen will modify the suspension of an SUV, while the Studio made no mention of it.

Special attention is given livery. This is a tribute to Big Oly, the legendary race truck through the desert, stylized under the classic Bronco. In particular, the sides of the car had stickers of the main sponsor, Olympia Beer company, which became an integral part of the Big Oly, twice won the Baja 1000 races.

As for the new Ford Bronco, the SUV of the revived sixth generation received frame structure, three – and five-door performance and two engines to choose from: “turboservice” capacity of 2.3 liter that produces 273-horsepower and 2.7-liter V6 engine with a capacity of 314 forces. The SUV is already available for order, and to dealers, the model will get next spring.

The prices range from 28.5 thousand dollars (two million rubles at current exchange rate).

The family Bronco will also include Bronco Sport crossover with a monocoque body, built on the platform of the Ford Kuga. It will cost from 26.5 thousand dollars (1.8 million rubles).