Viktor Bondar was elected a presidential candidate from the party “Vidrodzhennya”

Виктор Бондарь избран кандидатом в президенты от партии "Видродження"

Party “Vidrodzhennya” supported the nomination of its leader Viktor Bondar for the post of President of Ukraine on the elections of March 31, 2019. This decision was taken today at the party Congress.

For the candidacy of Viktor Bondar as a candidate for the presidency the delegates voted unanimously.

Viktor Bondar thanked the party members for the expressed confidence and said that the party “Vidrodzhennya” is able to offer an alternative political populism they are tired of the Ukrainians.

“We must give Ukraine a great future! We have here, in the heart of Europe, to build modern Singapore! A country without corruption and with huge economic and human potential. We will provide a breakthrough of Ukraine to the leaders of the world’s industrial growth! This is a country for the people! The land of happiness and peace and rest! The land of opportunity! Full support and favourable conditions for business, attention to seniors, and limitless opportunities for the youth, a happy childhood for the young generation!” – said Victor Bondar.

Another objective of participation in the presidential election, the politician added, is to convey the ideas of the party “Vidrodzhennya” to a wide range of voters.

He assured party members that has a clear vision of how to solve economic and social problems of the state.

“It’s a complete overhaul of the public pension system. The minimum pension should fully meet the needs of seniors in food, treatment, payment of tariffs for housing and communal services and other economically and socially sound requests”, – said the Chairman of the party “Vidrodzhennya”.

According to Victor Bondar, Ukraine needs to be implemented in real healthcare reform, and introduced compulsory health insurance, which will give the opportunity to implement a number of innovative projects in the health sector.

“There must be a radical change in the system of health built a modern network of clinics across the country – to the level of each district. This, in particular, the construction of a European health of the city of Kiev with hundreds of buildings, where there will be all types of medical care, the best diagnostics and treatment. We should implement such a model European project! Health insurance should be extended to every Ukrainian!” – said during his speech, the politician.

Виктор Бондарь избран кандидатом в президенты от партии "Видродження"