Vilkul has promised Ukrainians 100 thousand for a birth of a child

Вилкул пообещал украинцам 100 тысяч за рождение ребенка

Vilkul has promised to return the payment at birth to the 2012 level indexed

Today, January 30, MP from the Opposition bloc, the Presidential candidate Oleksandr Vilkul visited Zaporizhzhya oblast, where he held three meetings with local residents. The opposition leader visited the hazel and Pologi.

To stop the war

In Orikhiv the House of culture gathered about 600 people who came to listen to the election program of the candidate, but also to ask him questions.

In principle, Oleksandr Vilkul insisted on this format of the meeting.

You know, I long to tell you about what I think about the current situation in the country and how I can change it. But I’ll answer your questions. You can ask them any: convenient, inconvenient – answer all. I go to the polls with a clear conscience and intentions – at the beginning of each meeting told the gathering Presidential candidate.

After introducing himself, and telling briefly about the main points of his election program, Oleksandr Vilkul answered the questions of the audience.

Mostly people were interested in how Vilkul intends to stop the war and also about the reforms, which start the power, but the results of which do not approve of people.

I won’t promise, as some, to end the war in two weeks. Then it was still possible to do. But not now! – said Alexander Vilkul. But I promise that in the first days of the cease fire, and stop people dying. For the full restoration of peace and the return of Donbass will need 6-8 months. And it is real!

The presidential candidate said that to restore peace need direct talks with both sides (Russia and USA), the introduction of peacekeeping forces, establishment of the interim administration under UN auspices, and then full elections in the Donbas with the participation of the Ukrainian parties.

To restore the economy

In the city flat Oleksandr Vilkul has held at once two meetings. One with a team of local mining enterprise “Mineral” and the other in the House of culture “Gornyak” with the residents of the Canopy.

With a team of “Mineral” the opposition communicated mostly with colleagues. Some of those employees graduated from the same UNIVERSITY that Vilkul. And even a similar profession. Expected at the meeting, mostly there were questions related to the industry. They Alexander gave satisfactory professional answers, because he himself had to raise the Central and southern GOK in Krivoi Rog, and also as Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region to develop the whole region.

After meeting with the staff of the mining enterprise, which supplies its products (kaolin, clay, sand) to foreign companies for the production of sanitary ware, ceramics and other things, said that all this can be done in Ukraine. This requires a favorable investment climate and business environment.

– The Italian plumber and the Polish pottery is made including from our raw materials. Buy our raw materials for peanuts, and we also sell the finished products at European prices. Products with high added value should be made here, in Ukraine! Here should come investment. And then there will be high wages, and therefore a decent pension, and a high level of life, – said Alexander Vilkul.

To protect the interests of the Ukrainians

In the House of culture of the inhabitants of the Canopy were also able to ask questions to the candidate. It is worth noting that absolutely any question Oleksandr Vilkul gave clear answers, supported by indisputable facts. Almost all answers room was accompanied by applause. People are worried about the reforms, how the politician sees the development of Ukraine’s economy, does he have a team, and what mistakes should be avoided in office.

Many points of his campaign promises have already been implemented, including with the direct participation of Alexander Vilkul.

One of these is the program “Affordable housing”, which was developed and implemented Vilkul in 2012, when he was Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine. The candidate assured that this is a very successful program, through which about 50 thousand previously received housing on favorable and affordable terms, will be resumed after the elections.

On the question of children’s allowances, Oleksandr Vilkul said figures of its program, backed by their information that this is already implemented by the previous government.

– 100 thousand UAH, the birth of the first child, 200 – with two, 300 – third and each subsequent. We’ve done it before. Why reinvent the wheel? We practiced such payments in 2012. After my victory in the elections, we will resume these payments, but indexing, why I called these numbers – assured candidate.

After the meeting people still long thank Alexander Vilkul for the visit, expressed words of support, wanted to win and were photographed “with a future President.”

Вилкул пообещал украинцам 100 тысяч за рождение ребенка