Vilkul or Death policy

Вилкул или Смерть политики

We continue our conversation about the candidates in presidents of Ukraine. Today, the focus of Alexander Vilkul. Moreover, coincidentally – the day before he was nominated for the highest office in the country.

Inherited after the split of the “opposition bloc” party brand “Akhmetov’s group” at first glance looks preferable to the Firtash-Boyko-Levochkin. There is less seasoned political manipulators and schemers, and more – those on the old pre-Maidan habit called “business people”, “strong business executives” and administrators.

One visible plus – unlike divorced from the “ground” of “gas industry”, affiliated with Akhmetov “minerality” is closely aligned with the core regions, where their main assets – mashzavody, steelworks, mining companies, mines and power stations. Geographically, it is the Donbas, Kryvyi Rih, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye. Politically is a strong spike “old Donetsk” with a part of Dnipropetrovsk.

The political front men of this group – the people’s deputies Vadim Novinsky and Alexander Vilkul, as well as prominent ally of Rinat Akhmetov, and Prime Minister dodecylbenzene “opposition government” Boris Kolesnikov. It is this group on Ukraine has always been associated with the interests of the real sector of the economy. While they remained the main pillar of Yanukovych, the Party of regions was relatively stable and monolithic political force. Scrubbing this group on the background of the so-called “Family” of fugitive ex-President and her appointees ended the idyll has created the favorable conditions that enabled to occur the Maidan.

Unlike “gas”, “Akhmetova” and similar functionaries of the former Party of Regions became the objects not just the serious attacks from the street “activists”, and involved in very specific criminal cases. With the leaders of the group lifted parliamentary immunity, Vadim Novinsky and Alexander Vilkul go under penalties, criminal cases, and close to them the ex-Governor Luganshina, Olexander Yefremov, in General, the fourth year without a trial sitting in jail on phony charges of “separatism”. And the same Novinsky sincerity in defending the interests of the canonical Church in the background tomoshasi the current government is unquestioned and a matter of respect.

On this how would it. The stock of compliments is exhausted and begin the claim. The main is to ensure that the visible opposition “Staromonetny,” the Lord is the same a simulacrum, a shell without real content, that of Boyko with Rabinovich and Medvedchuk. Vividly of all, it manifests on the symbolic level. Donetsk origin of the oligarchs refuse or are afraid to adopt abstracts and symbols, the real mobileservice their potential electorate, but easily capitulate to political opponents – not only ideologically, but also aesthetically.

In the case Vilkul is evident, as in the emphatic ukrainojazychnoj Congress, nominated him for the presidency (this is in the predominantly Russian-speaking industrial Zaporozhye!), and in the traditional post-Maidan politicians of any stripe making Bandera aesthetics, albeit in a variant light. The apotheosis was the exclamation “Glory to Ukraine!” from a leading Congress which at least a part of the hall responded with the traditional “glory to the Heroes!”. It looked like a symbolic message towards the nationalist camp. Something like Rudyard Kipling’s “We’re the same blood”. In modern Ukraine the use of such vocabulary has long become an ideological marker that separates “own” from “strangers”. It is noteworthy that this vocabulary has not caused members of the Congress “opposition bloc” no embarrassment, no outrage. Yes, the face from the leaders Kolesnikov, Vilkul and Novinsky was quite sour (video will not lie), but this did not prevent them to applaud said standing up. That’s about with a face like this, “Akhmeta” part of the “opposition bloc” and takes Bandera “reform.” Not very nice, but where to disappear – it is necessary, Fedja, is necessary!

For fans of quote of French king Henry the Fourth I say at once: it is not a trifle. Not the case when “Paris is worth a mass”. First, the current scenario – without the Crimea and Donbas – these guys have no “Paris” shines. And therefore – and to persist and to mimic there is no special need. You can and should be themselves. And, secondly, following the logic of “once is not Fantomas” is very easy to turn into a complete opposite of what you claim. Today “Glory To Ukraine!” tomorrow “glory to the Heroes!”, and the day after, you see, is already “Death to the enemy!” she asks.

However, it seems that I complicate. Actually, calling “old Donetsk” pragmatists, experts don’t lie. Their pragmatism to completely rule out the adoption seriously any of the slogans and ideas. Moreover, the humanitarian, that is, not directly associated with the profit-making nature. This is the main problem of this part of the “opposition bloc”. Quality, which can be called guttaperchivye and anastasescu. Kind of like in front of you is a fighter for the South-East, but in fact for him to use such and perceive a Bang in the South-East of slogans – just a technical necessity. Clearly a calculated marketing ploy. It so happened that this is where these guys are ready to vote. And so what? You need to tell these people what they want to hear.

What we see in practice. The downside of such “marketing” logic in that the words written on billboards and party flags are not for traders from policy guidance to action. Are not what they are going to actually fight, came to power. This is only a practical tool. To milligrams verified marketers a tool to mobilize the electorate. But only just. So comes the death of politics, turned into a political technology. That is why, incidentally, the Party of regions is not slow to fulfill his own promises about bilingualism and federalism, but carefully hid the banners used in chests, prisypaya them to the safety of mothballs – until the next election.

In reality, these people received the position and mandates, struggling just for other things. For the scheme “Rotterdam plus”, where profit structure Akhmetov and Novinsky, with the assistance of Petro Poroshenko after the loss of Ukraine’s control over the energy and coal industry of East Donbass. For control of the “Kyivenergo”, owned by the same Akhmetov and the tariff monopoly sucking the money out of Kiev. For deliveries of tankers for structures Akhmeta DTEK purchased at an exorbitant price of coal from Pennsylvania. And this is just the short list.

Yes, the “friends Foundation” less media features than Boyko associates. But the voice of Akhmeta TV channel “Ukraine” is still audible in the General chorus of hymns to the “Church Poroshenko” and curses against the “Moscow priests”.

And parallel to this, Novinsky with Vilkul protect the canonical UOC. This is the notorious Ukrainian multi-vector, in other words, the desire to sit with one ass on several chairs at once.

But top political cynicism is the simultaneous funding Akhmetov, Vilkul from the opposition bloc and the presidential campaign of radical Lyashko, who arrange promotory cities of Donbass and who are forced to vote of employees of Akhmeta factories in Mariupol and Zaporozhye. Yes, and Lyashko himself appears on Akhmeta channel at times more often the same Vilkul. And rightly so – his current rating is much higher, and therefore, as an object of investment it takes priority.

Puppets pulled the strings,

On the face of them smile

And plays the clown on the tube.

During the submission process

One gets the impression

What a doll dance by themselves.

Ah, what a shame sometimes,

What host are not visible,

Up and out into the dark thread.

A doll so he obeyed,

And we believe naively

In fact, the doll can speak.

And only very naive a resident of the South-East, seeing the April 1 elections will be extremely disappointed that “scumbag Lyashko” bypassed “our” Vilkul. The owner of both political puppets still remain with a profit.

Well, if a miracle happens, and “our” candidate wins? Do not say that in a hypothetical Vilkul, the President of the country, nothing will change. Because this is not true. Changes will be sea. Change the cast, the scenery, the accents. Only the play remains the same. With the refrain “Glory to Ukraine!” at the end.

Вилкул или Смерть политики

Вилкул или Смерть политики