Violin plastic in 3D

Скрипка из пластика в формате 3D


Laurent Bernadac – professional violinist. But not made of wood, and plastic. This is a private development of Bernadeta, which he called 3Dvarius, instead of Cremona pine and special varnishes used by Stradivari, violin Bernadeta is 30 thousand layers of plastic that are printed 3D printer. According to Bernadac, his idea could become in the near future the latest way of creating musical instruments.

Skeptics reject even the theoretical possibility of violin making “on the printer”, saying that with resonance from specially treated exactly Cremona pine trees, sometimes called balsam pine.

Laurent Bernadac Creator 3DVARIUS: “the crazy violin is called 3Dvarius because it is 3D printed with 30 thousand layers over 24 hours. At the same time, it was printed a whole, not the parts. It is very lightweight violin, it is very convenient. And she gives a very full and clear sound”.

The first “plastic violin” Laurent Bernadac printed last year. Since it was printed almost 100 copies and they were all sold.

Laurent Bernadac Creator 3DVARIUS: “3D printing is the only tool able to produce exactly the shape you want. These circuits are very difficult to perform. Violin with important details, like the deck elements can be obtained only by using 3D printing”.

The cost 3Dvarius – seven thousand Euro. It showed at the fair of electronic products in Las Vegas; founder of the violin hoping that he from buyers seeing the value and sound quality, will not rebound.

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