Virologist gave advice on the preparation of the body for the second wave of coronavirus

Вирусолог дал совет по подготовке организма ко второй волне коронавируса

Preparations for the second wave of coronavirus infection is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This was told by the doctor of medical Sciences, Professor-virologist nits of epidemiology and Microbiology named after N. F. Gamalei Anatoly Altstein, reports BAGNET, referring to the media.

The expert is sure that those who have not yet started to monitor their health, should start to strengthen it, so that in case of infection it is easier to transfer the infection. According to him, the disease in healthy people, is often held in the lungs or secondary forms.

“The advice here is simple – it is a healthy way of life. Those people who are able to lead a healthy lifestyle, should lead, who are unable to – should learn that health has been strengthened,” – said the virologist media.

Altstein also advised not to worry about the arrival of the second wave of infection of the coronavirus, and “to carry out their normal duties,” because, in his opinion, the main load in this case will have the medical field.