Virtual reality will become an important part of the next generation Xbox

Виртуальная реальность не станет важной частью следующего поколения Xbox

Sony stressed that virtual reality will be one of the main features of PlayStation 5. From Microsoft’s opinion about this different direction: according to Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer), the next generation Xbox will not focus on VR.

In an interview with Stevivor during X019 Spencer said that consumers do not associate the Xbox brand with virtual reality and don’t expect a support platform VR. “We are responding to what our audience is asking – nobody is asking VR”, – says the head of Xbox.

The second reason is banal money. Says Spencer, one of the manufacturers of helmets does not sell many millions of VR devices is also influenced strategy Xbox. Finally, Spencer’s personal distrust of the platform, saying that virtual reality divides people, and he believes that the games should be combined.

This does not mean that virtual reality will not be exact on the Xbox – with time a lot can change. But, it seems that during the release Project Scarlett will not support VR helmets.

Microsoft dabbled in augmented reality, for example, has designed a device HoloLens, the efforts of third-party partners launched a range of Windows devices Mixed Reality, and developed a small VR game Halo Recruit and added VR in Minecraft.

Note that Spencer’s somewhat disingenuous when he says that the VR device has not reached millions: by 3 March 2019, the Sony sold 4.2 million PlayStation VR helmets. So far this is the best on the market.