Vitaly Portnikov: the Scepter and the suit

Виталий Портников: Скипетр и скафандр

It is now quite difficult to recall how it was perceived 20 years ago, the results of the presidential elections, which are predictable victory of Vladimir Putin. Remember not from the point of view newspaper headlines, and from the point of view of mood, the mood of the ordinary people who voted in these elections or observing them.

Citizens mostly perceive these results are simple: instead of the old, the infirm Yeltsin, deceivable second term after bypass surgery, is a young, energetic successor, the very same Yeltsin recommended – that is, by the way, why Primakov, a history which for several months was telling its viewers the First channel is not had in this competition, no chance. But to observers of Putin’s victory seemed a natural culmination of clan fighting, the victory weakened but undaunted Yeltsin family over item groups poverissima that they, without the consent of the family, will be able to agree on a successor.

But the most important thing – very few people thought it was forever. The Russians have not forgotten the time of “races on gun carriages” when the General secretaries were replaced with impossible for the Soviet Union rate, the replacement of Gorbachev by Yeltsin, continued political competition – when Yeltsin’s victory on presidential election in 1996 had to join the oligarchs. And Putin was not so easy to win and to ensure success in the parliamentary elections hastily created under the new leader of the party of crooks – for that I had to connect the rest of the Yeltsin family, the state propaganda machine, a worsening of the situation in the Caucasus I can’t remember.

To imagine that all this endless struggle will be replaced with new decades the bleak Brezhnev stagnation without Brezhnev, it was then quite impossible. Political commentators and did didn’t believe it: where could disappear notorious clan competition, especially in a situation of mutual hatred of opponents. Then Putin’s “Unity” was ready for Alliance with the Communists, only to prevent posts to the parliamentary nominees of Primakov and Luzhkov, and a young Volodin, leader of the main opposition faction in the Duma, denounced the oligarchical power. No, not remembered?

But starting in the 90s the political eruption in fact already ended, the lava solidified, and the wealthy overseers of the giant concentration camp the size of Russia was ready to drive its inhabitants into the formed after the earthquake of emptiness, to supply TVs and share a small part of the loot, to sit quiet and forget about what the volcano might be bubbling.

It seems that Putin himself already forgot about that and believed that under his feet the solid ground and that the next twenty years will be much easier and safer previous. But once he began his new twenty years in the infectious diseases hospital, under the heart-rending cries of the advocates: take care of Putin, if he gets sick, we all cover. And that is true of stagnation. System, Yeltsin was able to resist and mutate, because they were built and strengthened in vizdoravlivai the country who wanted change, she relied on hope. The system Putin Putin not to worry, because she lined up in the country and cases for change are not inclined, any hope of supply. The adherents of this system hope one – Putin, which is to deceive God and to rule forever. Even dressed in a suit.

And that Putin’s suit is another reminder of how weak the system is reserved for one person and not involving a change – even if it looks strong and lasts for decades.