Vitaly Tarelkin was ashamed of niggling Ternovsky deputies

Виталию Тарелкину стало стыдно за крохоборство терновских депутатов

So usual, that the city Council, as kings or as sultans, have the right to distribute the budget money at their own discretion.

Of course, the taxpayers would like to know what exactly is spent General funds. Not all MPs agree to disclose this secret. January 22, at the session of Ternovsky city Council, city deputies have a debate on this topic.

On the agenda was the question of amending the Order of use of means of the city budget on performance of orders of voters deputies of the city Council ternovskogo.

– It is proposed to change the procedure of use of budgetary funds by the deputies, addressed the deputies of the Secretary of Ternovsky city Council Jeanne scout. – Contacting voters with the necessary documents submitted for consideration of the mayor. He instructed the chief administrator of budget funds to view these applications and submit for consideration of the Deputy Commission and to the session of the city Council for decision.

– To make all this happen transparently, commented mayor Vitaly Tarelkin.

Immediately it became clear that before the parliamentary Committee about the allocated budget funds grew only 4 deputies.

– There is order, there is a right of a Deputy to take the money and have a duty to report their use before the parliamentary budget Committee, expressed the opinion the Deputy of Igor Pepel.

– We have already provided all documents to the Finance Department, – said the Deputy Irina Chernetskaya. – Why duplicate before the parliamentary Committee? If the Finance Department had no reason to allocate the money, he would not have identified.