Vivat, Gabala

Виват, Габала


Birthday: in Azerbaijani Gabala ended the Tenth international music festival. A week locals and tourists were enjoying brought to Gabala wealth: it sounded salsa, flamenco, jazz and of course classic. By the way, a decade ago, the festival started with a focus on classical repertoire, but over time expanded format.

Dmitry Yablonsky, one of art Directors of the event, world-renowned cellist and conductor recalls how it all began: “Then, 10 years ago, the audience was very different, some flew in from Europe, from London. So, you know, fans of the performances in Covent garden or in the Berlin Philharmonic. And these people unexpectedly appeared at the side of those who come to a classical concert for the first time, came with the kids… We counted how many people visited the festival and counted 25 thousand! This is a very large audience”.

… From the island of Freedom in Azerbaijan: on the anniversary festival arrived, the group Jovenes classicos del son, developing the traditional genre of “sleep Cubano”, which was at the peak of popularity in the late 19th century. In the basis of the direction – music mix with a splash of African, and Spanish elements.

Ernesto Reyes Proenza, the leader of the group: “Cuba – the country, which play very different music. Here, everyone can be considered a musician – enough to take up the guitar. We have a large Arsenal of musical instruments – guitar, Cuban Tres, percussion, trumpet… you can play any style. This is the natural musical environment from which we grow”.

At first it seemed that the jubilee festival audience, quite restrained…. but no, Cuban rhythms did their thing, dancing if not all, many.

In the program this year was a lot of pleasant surprises. The wonders of virtuosity demonstrated by the Israeli group “Multipiano”, played excerpts from Bach and Vivaldi in an unusual manner: eight hands on two pianos.

Tomer Lev, pianist: “This style was very popular in the 19th century, when home were often given concerts. Then the musicians played 6 hands, 8 hands…. Then this technique fell out of fashion, it was forgotten. The task of our team is to revive the art of this performance, put him back on the scene in the focus of attention.”

A special place was allotted to the performers of Azerbaijani music. They showed the public the potential of ancient instruments. Tar, for example, is the basis of mugham, one of the main genres of the musical heritage of Azerbaijan.

Sahib Pashazade, musician: “tar capable of producing a very wide palette of sounds. For me Thar is a magical tool. Azerbaijani mugham music is mystical, sensual in nature. I would even call it a philosophical”.

Mugham is a combination of vocal and instrumental performance. Genre admits and even suggests improvisation, often based on classical poetry.

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