Vivo presented the perfect cable for charging your smartphone

To a variety of accessories for smartphones, many have become accustomed. As for the cables for charging, but now they can choose for every taste and price. But the company Vivo has released a rather unusual cable for gamers, which, however, will not remain without attention and regular users.

At first you might think that the point here is just good marketing, however, is not so simple. Cable really claim the title of truly the perfect gift for smartphone.

Features accessory

As you can see in the images, the secret is a special suction Cup which serves as a guide retainer for the cable. In addition, USB type-C here has a special form, and the flat cable.

Vivo представила идеальный кабель для зарядки смартфона

Vivo представила идеальный кабель для зарядки смартфона

The cable guide is attached to a suction Cup on the back of the phone

Everything is done in order to make it easy to play on the smartphone connected to the charger, and even use the smartphone while charging. Agree, often the cable sticking out the side strongly interfere with work. Well, for the beauty of cable is painted in blue or red.

Other features include a length of 1.2 meters, and the fact that the cable is rated at 2 A. the Cost of new items only $ 7which is about 165 USD.

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