VK Connect joined Facebook and Mail.ru Group in a single ecosystem

VK Connect объединил ВКонтакте и Mail.ru Group в единую экосистему

With a single account you can go to services Mail.ru Group, even without a profile in the social network.

Now a single account VK Connect works in applications service Delivery Club attendant and voice mail. To login in them, it is enough to select the input via VK Connect. Soon a single account will bring together key ecosystem services Mail.ru Group: mail Mail.ru, Citymobil, Yulu, and others. In the future it is planned to connect to the service and external partners.

Personal account already available Facebook, and will also appear in other services where there is an entrance through a single account. The user sees a list of all projects authorized with a single account, and can change it, and then decides for himself what services he wants to communicate through VK Connect.

VK Connect brings together all the account settings into a single personal account, so users will be more convenient and easier to fill in and update their information, pay for goods and services, to manage paid subscriptions, as well as to control data security and access to services.

Andrey Rogozov, Vkontakte’s CEO: “the First time we added the login to external sites using Vkontakte in 2010. Today it is one of the key ways of logging on to the majority of resources in the Runet to 35 million users. VK Connect will take our technology to a new level. We go beyond platform Vkontakte, and combined with other services Mail.ru Group to make the authorization process the most convenient and safe for most users Runet”.